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Button Mushroom Growing is an Agricultural Activity

  Growing / cultivation of edible white button mushrooms meant for human consumption is an agricultural activity and mushroom is an agricultural commodity and the same has been explicitly clarified by various governmental departments and financial institutions.

-Button mushroom, was not a vegetable or a plant or an animal but a fungus.
-The growing condition is similar to that of growing plants, fruits, or 'vegetables.
-The Button Mushroom, like vegetables and other crops or plants are grown on soil/land and are always attached to the soil until harvested.
-The mushroom is a product so raised has utility for consumption, trade and commerce.

The following agricultural operations are adopted/ followed in every respective stage of cultivation of mushroom in the areas of outdoor and indoor.

Operations performed - outside growing room (Outdoor)

   • Mixing of raw materials paddy straw, chicken manure, ammonium sulphate and urea with water
   • Digging/ Excavating the land to get clay soil
   • Pulverizing/ grinding the clay soil with Gypsum and Calcium Carbonate
   • Adding coir pith with soil
   • Usage of Fungicide / Pesticide
   • Mixing of seed / spawn with compost

Operations performed - inside growing room (Indoor)

   • Ruffling the soil
   • Scratching the Soil
   • Levelling the Soil
   • Watering the soil
   • Usage of Fungicide/ Pesticide
   • Usage of Bactericide
   • Weeding
   • Disease control
   • Pruning
   • De-clustering
   • Removing the undesirable under growth
   • Plucking / Harvesting

So we can conclude that Mushroom is an agricultural product raised from land.

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